For runners
and haters

This is the future of indoor running—the first method-driven treadmill class in the game.

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Run, rebel, run.

Calling the radicals, the rulebreakers, the dreamers. Those who run over expectations. Those who started running and now can’t be stopped. And those who think they can’t—then do. This is for you.

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Welcome to precision run, an indoor running experience on a mission to redefine how you think about treadmill training.

The Workout

Simply put, the most engaging treadmill experience you’ll ever have. 50 minutes of carefully crafted intervals make up the first performance-based indoor running program out there. Each run is unique with its own pattern and flow to constantly keep you on your toes.

The Experience

The name of the game is best indoor run ever. We looked at what sucks about treadmill training and then changed it. Oxygen-enriched air, light and music cues that guide your run, and an entirely new treadmill experience are just the beginning of what we’ve got in store.

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Calling all runners & haters–

Stay up-to-date on the running rebellion.

The Precision Run App Is Here

Book a tread—or many. See all of your stats on one screen. Check into the studio from anywhere.